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rethinking labels and value

I am still recovering from my last migraine, so today I had to walk instead run. While walking I found myself thinking that knowing when to do the right thing for my…

my messy brain

seeing my brain in new light & trying to work with it instead of against it

making sense of health

I would like to lose the weight I feel whenever I publish anything on the internet. There is an automatic self-consciousness, the idea that people would judge me. You would think that…

my most fruitful periods of work

It has seemed to me that my most fruitful periods of work are the times when I have been able to get completely away from what others think, from professional expectations and daily demands, and gain perspective on what I am doing.

Having a migraine again.

Having a migraine again. Work hazard. Gonna head to bed, hopefully migraine goes tomorrow. G’nite everyone!