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our interior worlds

My partner has gone through multiple creative phases in her life since I’ve known her. For a long time she was uncomfortable with the idea that she was not devoting her craft…

when only words are left

I just finished reading “No longer human” by Osamu Dazai – the book is problematic because of its misogynistic themes but also representative of its times, published in 1948. I picked up…

when someone blogs about your writing

Yesterday I exchanged a couple of emails with Ray from blogroll.org (which is an excellent resource for discovering blogs) and he alerted me to a blog post written about me. I spent…

I love my website too

I came across this post by Tracy Durnell on how she loves her website, and that was prompted by another post which was in turn prompted by an old talk by @adactio….

getting to know myself through a camera

It all started when my partner wanted to acquire a camera because she wanted better pictures for her art. I thought she was being picky, and that her iphone took pictures fine….

safeguarding our personal expressions

Sometime last week someone tweeted that people make the mistake of writing things that are interesting to themselves – they should write stuff that people want to read. I think that is…

Paper was at a premium

Paper was at a premium; in order to get as many words on each page as possible, he developed a tiny, even script that looked almost like typing. Sometimes he wrote all night. He never imagined there was something he could be good at, a talent, and being inspired to do something constructive—being inspired at all—was a new feeling. Writing gave him a different kind of power than came from knives or guns—subtler but no less palpable.

it is impt to create obscure stuff

FWIW I think it is impt to create obscure stuff. 1. historically impt stuff are sometimes unpopular in their times, 2. the world is full of diverse beautiful weird nuggets but popular…