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crappy poem

I tried to write a crappy poem before the night gives to sleep to tell you how much you mean but all could be conjured was the scene of your light setting…


only with distance can we admire the stars making a system

strong shoulders

What can we do when the weight of the world crushes us except to silently endure till strong enough our shoulders become


words, that I cannot say there’s just too much in the way time, was not in our favour yet we had moments to savour a strange space, u’ve left behind somehow we’ll…

like rainbows

like rainbows reminiscent of beauty and love in this universe filled with gray skies and thunders transcendent moments without a hope of replication strung together in our existence of love and sheer…


a bridge drawn between two broken hearts you looked at me timelessly I listened to you wordlessly I preserve us by leaving you

the existence of magic

our bond was built on rainbows you listened to my soul saw me like no other we bridged through the unspoken yet what’s ethereal often do not reside in this world ruled…


a skipped heartbeat here a prolonged look there is love less real when it doesn’t last for more than a second

the different edges of a puzzle piece

When I was little they said I was lazy so later I overcompensated by working like crazy I couldn’t sit still or stay long we should just focus on one thing, they…