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darkest skies

the darkest skies gift the space to wonder at stars profusely alive

deep freeze

autumn’s sheer beauty a creeping blinding prelude to winter’s deep freeze

gradual numbing

being touched by love it is tiring and yet enduring to brace my heart once more for the bruises and gradual numbing

a becoming that insists

she restores the order in my universe everything around me seems brighter a better grasp of my own position through anchoring hers how do I deny such knowing such settling of peace…

you and I

you and I we are alight from the same source of life with you I feel unendingly bright inching away I watch the shadows grow I forget how it once felt to…


rainbows cannot be touched yet we do not deny it exists like truth

crappy poem

I tried to write a crappy poem before the night gives to sleep to tell you how much you mean but all could be conjured was the scene of your light setting…


only with distance can we admire the stars making a system