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working with my triggers

I used to get triggered really easily. Something seemingly innocuous would set me off – sometimes I was good at hiding my feelings on my face especially if it was in a…

looking back at 2021

I tend to write long essay-ish review posts, so this time I’ll attempt to write a bullet-point-ish one. highlights had a day surgery to remove two infected cysts on my chest –…

a bit of silence within the noise

The other day while just sitting around in my living room, I had this sudden awareness of my newly developed capacity to feel subtler emotions – instead of just high and low…

go toward them

The better he became at meditation, the more it helped him face trauma he’d experienced and learn and explore. Sometimes terrible memories and fears—of execution, of guards—arose, but he used meditation to push them aside—to try to transcend the pain he’d carried with him his whole life. But now Pema challenged him to go back to the worst memories and fears again—to intentionally meditate on them. She said not to push them away, not to try to transcend them, not to run from them, but to go toward them.

writing to listen to our selves

I gifted dayone to my partner when we started dating, and ironically she is more diligent than me when it comes to documenting her life. She has filled up enough of it…

excess cortisol can block access to existing memories

Human studies also show that excess cortisol can block access to existing memories, which explains how people can forget where the fire exit is when there’s actually a fire—the lines are down, so to speak. With too much stress, we lose the ability to form unrelated memories, and we might not be able to retrieve the ones we have.