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the luckiest

The story goes: my would-be partner, when we were just briefly acquainted, read an essay I wrote about being chronically depressed and suicidal. She was so struck by it, she did something…

some views on love

Around this time last year the partner went away for work, we were newly in a relationship for less than a month and she was going to be gone for almost equal…

in celebration of love

In roughly a week’s time we’ll be celebrating our one-year anniversary as a couple. I thought I’ll publish a mega post on that day, but since there are no rules dictating how…

the moment

A few years ago I asked my friend Misty how did she know her husband was going to be The One. She said it is all about The Moment. I was like,…


she makes me believe in a world of rainbows and a love like ours


For the longest time I had decided I didn’t want to be with anybody because I didn’t think I could love anybody more than I loved the world, and that would be…

each moment

each moment filled with love that does not come easy preciously captured