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posts I like vs posts I write

I tend to write really lengthy, heavy posts, but I realised through my own consumption of rss that I actually truly enjoy the ones simply about daily life. Here are a few…

our interior worlds

My partner has gone through multiple creative phases in her life since I’ve known her. For a long time she was uncomfortable with the idea that she was not devoting her craft…

it is impt to create obscure stuff

FWIW I think it is impt to create obscure stuff. 1. historically impt stuff are sometimes unpopular in their times, 2. the world is full of diverse beautiful weird nuggets but popular…

one should have faith in his experience

...one should have faith in his experience and not simply mouth terms handed down to him by others. It stresses the validity of the individual’s experience of what humanity is, what life is, what values are, against the monolithic system. The monolithic system is a machine system: every machine works like every other machine that’s come out of the same shop.