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10000 steps slow steps almost every day

The last two years (2020-2021) due to covid I had been leading a mostly sedentary homebound lifestyle. My previously hard-won fitness due to cycling and running suffered, and I started feeling out…

the value of exercise

...the value of exercise has less to do with building muscles or burning calories than it has to do with getting your heart to pump faster and more efficiently and thereby increase blood flow to nourish and cleanse your brain and all your organs.

When stress prevents the molecules of emotion

When stress prevents the molecules of emotion from flowing freely where needed, the largely autonomic processes that are regulated by peptide flow, such as breathing, blood flow, immunity, digestion, and elimination, collapse down to a few simple feedback loops and upset the normal healing response. Meditation, by allowing long-buried thoughts and feelings to surface, is a way of getting the peptides flowing again, returning the body, and the emotions, to health.

neuropeptides can alter blood flow

...neuropeptides can alter blood flow from one part of the body to another—the rate of blood flow is an important aspect of prioritizing and distributing the finite resources available to our body.