when words get strung together like music

I am made up of the stars
and they carry the light within me
like how the ocean gives life to me
and I feel I’m always part of it

just like how I’m made up of you
and I carry your light with me
like how you breathe life into me
and I feel you’re always part of me

catch the eyes of a stranger
as I slowly walk down the street
I fall in love a little
through our eyes our souls meet

how could you bear to touch
when it results in blood

walking on the impossible highway
the moth burns in beautiful flames

the sun compels us to look at her
in exchange for a lifetime of blindness

risk a moment of tenderness
an inch of a heartbreak closer

voluntarily falling into an abyss
just like poison

You. Our eyes first met in a vortex where the past, present and future intersect. You. Made me remember my past, inspire my future and embrace the present. You. For me the stars, the moon, songs, doors, windows, tiles, pizzas will never be the same again. You. Whom I want to share my moments of joy, discovery and vulnerability with. You. I imagine your shadow with me as I walk down the streets taking in all the sights I imagine would delight. You. I never really knew and will never know but somehow stubbornly stayed on as part of my psyche.

But you. Can only stay on as part of me and not with me. Because you. As you I loved and I would preserve, but as Us it wouldn’t be you nor would I be. Me. Briefly touching purity and not bearing the thought of tainting.

You. Could exist in a world where it is simple. With just me and you. Where there is no carrying of weight and the taunting of destiny.

But I. Can only strive to be the person you may love and be proud of. And that I. Cannot be that person that belongs to an Us. For I. Only know love in its all-consuming form. That I. The person who would do anything for love, would become a person ironically less deserving of your pride.

For you. I would stay a thousand miles away. Figuratively and physically. Because for you. The best way to love you, is to fulfill my own destiny. Even if that means.

We will never be. Us. There can never be.