when words get strung together like music

When we try to love somebody, we are attempting to love an entire alternate universe — an intersection of timelines, decisions, genealogy, genetics, customs, evolution, luck, stories, love, wounds, courage — that is what it means to love a person, to love her in her entirety, everything she was, is and will become, that her being is precious because she can only be who she is in the precise way a person is shaped to be by the relentless forces of nature. Love is being able to hold all of that awe and awareness in the presence of that person. What are the odds?

time feels akin to
eternity rushing past
in seconds with you

the darkest skies gift
the space to wonder at stars
profusely alive

I think of you when I listen to songs of deep breaking love; when I look up in the skies in awe at the grandiosity of the universe; when I feel the warmth of sun rays and see the luminosity of the moon;

when I come across everything that evokes depth in me I want to share them with you; when I read lines of beautifully strung words I want to say them to you; when I imagine my future I want it bound to you;

I think of you when I come across moments I love; because you belong with them, to everything I love, like a symphony in perfect arrangement, strung together in an inevitable cosmic order.

autumn’s sheer beauty
a creeping blinding prelude
to winter’s deep freeze

being touched by love
it is tiring and yet enduring
to brace my heart once more
for the bruises and gradual numbing

I see universes in people’s eyes.

she restores the order in my universe
everything around me seems brighter
a better grasp of my own position
through anchoring hers

how do I deny such knowing
such settling of peace
there is a rhythm it sings
a natural state it springs

how do we stop an evolution
a becoming that insists

love is the world we can imagine when yours and mine collide. that sense of loss when we think of them apart. for the stories untold, the tears unshed, the joy unfelt. the reverence of our past, present and future intertwining together. love is knowing our hearts are going to break even before it starts. it is trusting you to gently break mine. it is allowing you to paint some of the colors in my world. to permanently attach the whisper of your name to songs, places and words. love is letting you be irreversibly part of me. and I, you. to give you pieces of me. pieces you will not take away. but hold. incubate. nourish. protect. so when your orbit leaves mine, our worlds become richer. lighter. there will be loss. but love is undertaking that, in return for light.

you and I
we are alight from
the same source of life
with you I feel
unendingly bright

inching away I watch
the shadows grow
I forget how it once
felt to be
near you alive

but if I stayed
my shadow goes so
how do I touch
the edges of me
to know my soul

so the heart breaks
to keep the spirit whole
is it light or my shadow
one I choose the other
I let go