when words get strung together like music


I have not known such
gentleness like you the way
the wind calms the storm


she makes me believe
in a world of rainbows and
a love like ours

the love I have for you

the love I have for you is not just an emotion, it is an awe of your existence, it is the willingness of wanting to be part of a unit with you; to be united with you in every sense, to be bonded with you not only emotionally but also in spirit; that you are part of me and I, of you, and therefore it hurts to be without you, as part of myself, and without a part of me that is now part of you.

each moment

each moment filled with
love that does not come easy
preciously captured


my universe stilled
till you expanded her breadth
with your mere presence

magic & awe

love is just a word
for all the magic and awe
language can’t express

love is an entire alternate universe

When we try to love somebody, we are attempting to love an entire alternate universe — an intersection of timelines, decisions, genealogy, genetics, customs, evolution, luck, stories, love, wounds, courage — that is what it means to love a person, to love her in her entirety, everything she was, is and will become, that her being is precious because she can only be who she is in the precise way a person is shaped to be by the relentless forces of nature. Love is being able to hold all of that awe and awareness in the presence of that person. What are the odds?