when words get strung together like music

love is the world we can imagine

love is the world we can imagine when yours and mine collide. that sense of loss when we think of them apart. for the stories untold, the tears unshed, the joy unfelt. the reverence of our past, present and future intertwining together. love is knowing our hearts are going to break even before it starts. it is trusting you to gently break mine. it is allowing you to paint some of the colors in my world. to permanently attach the whisper of your name to songs, places and words. love is letting you be irreversibly part of me. and I, you. to give you pieces of me. pieces you will not take away. but hold. incubate. nourish. protect. so when your orbit leaves mine, our worlds become richer. lighter. there will be loss. but love is undertaking that, in return for light.

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