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when someone blogs about your writing

Yesterday I exchanged a couple of emails with Ray from (which is an excellent resource for discovering blogs) and he alerted me to a blog post written about me.

I spent the next few moments not really in my body as I read what he wrote. I felt really awkward (in a good way I suppose) because I am not used to this at all.

I am very thankful that someone sees and appreciates my writing in this way. My writing tend to be very personal and longwinded – I know I am longwinded but I don’t want to cut out pieces of myself and how I really think in my chaotic mind just to fit some perception of how one’s writing should be – I tend to feel like everything I write goes into some vacuum.

I do get private messages from strangers once in a while which I am also very thankful for, but someone translating my quotes in Dutch on index cards is another thing altogether. I hope Wouter doesn’t mind me sharing a screenshot of his website:

I feel so seen. This is a moment I will cherish.

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