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what is the point of sharing online

Lately I’ve been reevaluating my relationships with social media and of course this website. I’ve been sharing instagram stories of my entire trip in bangkok, and there was this persistent subconscious question of why do I even bother.

I still don’t really know why – I mean sometimes we just really don’t know our unconscious motives – but am writing this note down for reference. For me I guess I just enjoy sharing what I experience so people can see through my eyes, to experience a little of the world I am experiencing. A thousand people can go to bangkok and they would capture different things. Or they may go to the same places I go and yet gather radically different experiences. I like seeing the world through people’s eyes too.

Some people have issues with social media because they think it invokes jealousy and a sense of inadequacy. I mostly don’t experience these sentiments. I don’t feel like my life is lacking because my friend is in Maldives. There is envy of course, I too want to know what it is like to live above clear turquoise waters, but it wouldn’t send me into a spiralling depression. I know this differs from person to person, so I have become sensitive to what I share.

But ultimately I just want to be myself online too. Maybe due to sensitivities I don’t really enjoy interacting with people in real life, so the online world has always been the majority of my world. I like the intimacy it can offer and yet the distance.

I guess that is why I share stuff online. Apart from sharing my thoughts on taboo subjects to make similar souls feel less alone, I share my obscure thoughts so I have a hope of connecting to someone out there.

The internet makes me feel extremely lonely sometimes, but without it I’ll feel utterly hopelessly alienated.

Why do you share stuff online?

7 thoughts on “what is the point of sharing online”

  1. Euan Semple says:

    I feel very similar and in fact despite having been a very early adopter and advocate for online conversations I recently deleted all of my social media accounts. I still blog though and for the reasons you gave, particularly the hope that, in sharing some of the more difficult challenges of life, I may be able to help someone else.

    1. Winnie says:

      hi Euan,
      thank you for stopping by. I guess one of the reasons why I still publish publicly is so I can receive comments like yours – a form of connection, and it gave me an opportunity to get to know and subscribe to your blog. 🙂

  2. Eliness says:

    I was often guilty of pride when I told people I foremost blog for myself, to keep a history of who I used to be and to craft and think about who I currently am. But there is a reason why this practice is made public, otherwise journaling would be enough. The reader is a mirror, a reflection, and being aware of someone watching gives me motivation to write more mindfully, with more intention.
    I share stuff online to keep track of who I am, sure – but also to be seen, to be connected, to give and to receive. The connexion is there, Winnie – reading your blog feeds me, and I hope that by writing mine I can feed other people in return.
    Ultimately, I blog to remember who I am and to feel less alone 🙂

    1. Winnie says:

      thanks for stopping by! I too, find my writing different because there is an audience. My sentences become less sloppy, and there seems to be more depth to my thoughts.

      love the pictures on your blog! I wish mine had more. thank you for being a reader of my writing for so long. 🙂

  3. Michelle says:

    It’s a way for me to affirm that I’m spending my time on this floating rock in a productive way. So if I go somewhere cool, but don’t catalogue it, I feel as though that time was wasted–or I’ll forget it happened. It’s crazy that the ‘capturing’ of an event tremendously overshadows the enjoyment of said event, probably 90% of the time for my generation (Z).

    It’s also a way for me to immortalize memories with friends, trips, new restaurants/bars, etc. to look back on. I am very drawn to archiving snippets of my life. Memory is so fragile.

    p.s. Just discovered your blog and love it. What a nice space to seek shelter in on the Internet.

    1. Winnie says:

      thank you for stopping by and leaving a precious comment! and that I’m not alone in desiring to archive my life in a meaningful way. after reviewing years of archives over and over again I do think it enriches one’s recollection of life and therefore one’s psychological sense whether our lives are thoroughly lived.

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