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Tom Critchlow on building a digital homestead

I like reading posts on how people approach building their personal websites in an incremental manner versus treating it like a one-time project that is destroyed and rebuilt with every new version. Don’t get me wrong, I think it is cool to redesign it entirely, it is just that many times along with the process the information architecture is also destroyed, so we often see ghost urls and entire missing sections. The archivist in me mourns the loss.

Often a time because it is just so easy to make a website, it is often treated as something that can be easily thrown away and replaced. I think there is value in thinking of it as a long-term sprawling project that grows and trims like we do. Of course just like we shed identities at every mid-life crisis, I think it is perfectly fine to have an entire website rehaul when it can no longer express ourselves authentically.

I love how Tom Critchlow picks out quotes from a few blog posts about other people thinking around similar lines of thought – mine included – and in the same post I got to discover this beautiful attempt at organising content through questions by Emmanuel Quartey. I’ve been trying to organise my notebooks quite unsuccessfully, so unsuccessful that I stopped working on them, but this fresh approach gave me much food for thought.

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