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random discoveries: 8th sep 2022

I accumulated a bunch of links and accompanying thoughts I would like to share, but I thought one note per link is a bit excessive, so I’ll round them up in one. Didn’t know how I wanted to title this sort of note: weekly links? monthly roundups? I guess I’ll just date it simply so I don’t get locked into an expected frequency.

I realise my desire to post notes like this one is a bit sporadic. I think sharing on the internet requires a sort of life-force, because like what this post says it is a bit like “casting our words into the void”.

  • looking at my referral stats I discovered this lovely interview with Laurel Schwulst on her equally lovely website for her apartment (no it is an actual apartment’s website, not a real estate listing). Laurel produces a ton of interesting internet stuff so check out her website if you’re into weird internet energy like me.
  • loved this documentation and photos on the old British Linotype factory. Makes me marvel again at the human spirit to share.
  • from Wouter Groeneveld’s post I discovered people on the internet sharing their salary history publicly – couldn’t help but admire the nicely formatted table. Someone is even sharing their spending (also love the very formatted unformatted website).
  • through I decided to try signing up on I actually want to try annotating this website…there was so much of my writing I now want to have commentary on. Was thinking to custom build margin notes for the longest time, but I still don’t possess the energy for a coding sprint. I am still undecided. I love the idea of socially annotating the web anyhow, but I also have this fear that the service dies and all the precious annotations would be gone.
  • bonus: a tweet on looking up stuff on our own websites, which is something I regularly do on this website. Apart from the desire to share, posting stuff like this note will allow me to dig up these links in the future should I think of them again. It would be a lot easier if each link exists as a note, but hopefully the text search would suffice.
  • all may come to nothing if I should die one day, but who knows? Maybe there will be a website graveyard service in the next few decades. If I do survive these decades.

Wow, this turned out to take more effort and time than I thought.