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posts I like vs posts I write

I tend to write really lengthy, heavy posts, but I realised through my own consumption of rss that I actually truly enjoy the ones simply about daily life. Here are a few posts I’ve enjoyed recently:

  • Chinatown Breakfast: I just like how the author writes a short blub about something very mundane and yet very personal, coupled with beautiful photos. It is a rich colourful snapshot of another world: her world.
  • Exploring an incredible Kyoto Hard Off store: similar to the post above I enjoy seeing something I don’t typically see in my world, or actually in most worlds, because electronic stores in Japan are just their own thing. I also enjoy seeing pictures of old electronics.
  • The Philosopher, The Dog, And The Wedding: how many of us would write an in-depth post on something we consumed and enjoyed? Wouter writes a lot about the things he consumed or encountered – It gives me a detailed glimpse of him as a person.

I just thought I’ll give a shout-out to these posts because only certain type of posts make their viral rounds around the internet, and maybe many of us feel like we all have to write like Tim Urban or something, but I genuinely feel like it is a service to the world to share the precious intersection between you and your world. Only you can write something you encountered. Isn’t that precious?

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One thought on “posts I like vs posts I write”

  1. Rachel says:

    I love your long posts, Winnie! I think regardless of length, my favorite types of posts are also the ones that are a “slice of life.” Thanks for your kind words 🙂

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