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posting backdated posts

Terence Eden writes about how he publishes very old bits of his writing, writing that has existed way before blogs exist, and he calls them necroposting:

A blog isn’t an immutable chain of events. There’s nothing to stop us travelling in time. When I go digital sperlunking though my history, I often find interesting things I wrote before I blogged. So I bring these “back from the dead” and publish them asĀ Necroposts.

I’ve been posting backdated posts since this incarnation of this website has existed, especially twitter statuses I want to keep permanently, but I have not thought about posting something that existed before my blogging existence. It would be totally embarrassing!

But if one day I become a person who is totally cool with publishing really embarrassing stuff from my foolish youth, it would be really interesting (at least to me) to capture the large jumps in my personality development. I regret not keeping more stuff from my childhood, probably only rare scraps remain, if any. I don’t have much stuff from the first 20 years of my life.

I do think more people should do this, I really enjoy when people’s websites become personal museums instead of becoming disenchanted with our pasts and wiping off entire versions of websites so lightly. I do understand the reasons why though. But until website graveyards exist, perhaps this too will be transient. At least it is cool to maintain one during one’s lifetime?