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In my last note I mentioned one of the reasons why I continue to share online is because I like seeing the world through someone else’s eyes, so I hope some people will like seeing the world through mine. I also hope to make connections that are not possible offline, simply because the chances of meeting another like-minded person in the same geographical space remains quite small – especially if we come from a geographical culture that can be quite homogeneous.

This morning I was looking at google search console to see which pages have linked to this website. I don’t know if it is my imagination but these days it seems rare to get linked to because of the fast-moving nature of social media. People tend to share quickly on social media and it goes into some void after the golden hour passes. I think it takes psychic energy to publish something, and sometimes social media use tend to deplete that energy. Why bother having a website when you can accomplish the same thing easier, quicker, with even more reach on social media? Hence, personal websites are special to me: the effort, energy and intention that goes into upkeeping an online space when there is so much noise and isolation at the same time.

So I belatedly discovered after 2 years that Kickscondor had written a really intricate post about my writing sometime in 2020. I don’t want to write much about my reaction because honestly I don’t know how to react, except that I’m truly deeply grateful to be able to see a version of myself through someone’s eyes.

This is another bonus – however rare – of publishing online vulnerably I guess? That for a moment a deep part of my psyche overlaps with someone else’s, and now it gets to occupy a small space on the interwebs. Websites may not last very long either, but at the very least they tend to live a lot longer than a social media post. They take more work too.

That said, I wonder where has Kickscondor gone? I was a fan of their website for the longest time, and it has not been updated since July 2022. I hope wherever they are they will get to see this, and receive my utmost gratitude.

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