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links: design archives

(as a former designer) I am still attracted to graphic design work in general – coincidentally I’ve discovered a few graphic design related links – they all have history as a common denominator – in the same week:

  • “A digital archive of graphic design related items that are available on the Internet Archives”
  • Letterform Archive: they have an actual physical museum in SF, but if you can’t be there like me there is still quite a bit of stuff online. I loved this article on the women of photo lettering. Imagine once having to work on type and layout with calligraphy pens and paint brushes!
  • Design is History: not as visual, but there is a chronological timeline to click around and learn more about the fascinating history of design.

These links make me miss my former work, but the work that it takes to communicate with people over the course of a project can be excruciating. On hindsight most of the time it is less about the actual design work, but more on the psychological management of people. Which is true for many types of work I guess. I like the actual work though, which is perhaps 20% of the process.