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I really like discovering and reading blogs

I’ve probably tweeted about this repeatedly but I am sad that a lot of good content is now stuck in facebook/twitter/substack/instagram. They may not make a cohesive browsing experience when you’re trying to get an overview of a person, and a lot of stuff cannot be easily re-surfaced again because they only exist on a fast-moving chronological timeline. I know some people are really good at linking twitter threads, but I still don’t think it is a good browsing experience.

I saw a comment on my blog today, and of course I went to the authors website. It was delightful to read his blog, and through his posts I discovered another blog that feels just really rich. What do I mean by rich? I guess it is when I scroll through it and it is just so personal, diverse and interesting, even if I am not personally interested in their topics.

I guess I’m finally motivated to start my blogroll.

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3 thoughts on “I really like discovering and reading blogs”

  1. Pete Moore says:

    Great article Winnie, I couldn’t agree more with any of this. I’m sure there has actually been some really useful and genuine content lost in the ether of the timeline giants, and I can’t understand why anyone would be ok with that. Back when I still had a Twitter account, I stopped reading threads even if I was interested in the content. It’s just too broken a reading experience, especially if there are replies interspersed throughout the middle of the thread.

    I highly suggest you check out which I’ve discovered some fantastic blogs and writing from, and I still revisit on a regular basis to see if anything new gets surfaced.


    1. Winnie says:

      Hi Pete! thanks for making the effort to leave a comment. I love your microblog, and subscribed to it. 🙂

      I’ve been to before, thought I have exhausted it but maybe I should give it another go. Do you keep a blogroll?

      1. Pete Moore says:

        Hi Winnie,

        Thanks for checking out my blog and subscribing, I really appreciate that! 🙏 Funny you mention a blogroll, as I have it on a list of things to add but simply haven’t gotten around to it yet. My list also includes adding a /now page, reading/bookshelf pages, favourite posts, and a couple of other things that escape my tired brain at the moment. I’m hoping to sit down this weekend and add some or all of them.

        I seem to have exhausted The Forest as of late too, so I’ll probably leave it for a month or two and try going back again. Pretty sure it’s still maintained as I’ve definitely seen some new ones come up.

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