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hello, mastodon

I joined a friend‘s Mastodon instance which he intended for the local community in Singapore –, which means “coffee shop” in Singlish. Find me:

I’m not leaving twitter (yet), just curious to experiment on different platforms. I’m not opposed to being everywhere.

How about Musk and ethics you may ask? I’m still on facebook and instagram despite thinking Zuckerberg is an asshole. Still drinking starbucks once in a while…and then we have to talk about the many Apple products I am using. I think it is just the way this world is set up – I would imagine it is difficult to be in a position of power without having questionable ethics and making dodgy decisions. I don’t claim to have morals, I just try my best to do as little harm as possible.

Sometimes I think the greatest source of harm comes from people close to us, inevitably as a consequence of chronic woundedness in this world, and the nature of intimate relationships.