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don’t skip that visit

I haven’t posted in this notes section for a while. My early intention for this section was to provide a space for me to pen down casual and insignificant thoughts, but today I realised that perhaps I would like to try using this section to be even more personal instead – at least sometimes.

I share my regular journal posts to facebook where there are actual friends, ex-colleagues, relatives, etc. To be honest I think most of the people who know me in real life probably don’t bother with my writing or they might be confused because the person they knew 10, 20 or 30 years ago may not correspond.

This notes section is mostly hidden from people who know me, and probably no one reads them unless they follow me on RSS or twitter. Even within these groups there will be only a small subset who would read these. So ironically I feel like I can write more intimately here.

My dad had to be hospitalised a few weeks ago. He seemed to be on the mend, but developed a fever yesterday so he’s now in the hospital again. He’s okay for now, but I was just thinking how I was supposed to visit him yesterday but changed it to today instead. And now I can’t visit him because of covid restrictions for hospitals.

I really wouldn’t know which of these visits would be the last.

Sometimes we may be inclined to skip an intended visit because of last minute inconveniences or issues. Maybe we’re busy with work or something. I just felt like I had to say, don’t skip that visit you’ve been meaning to make.