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@colly on his stream

Came across this post by Simon Collison (@colly) on his stream, which I obviously resonate a lot:

And so, I was increasingly aware that I was letting many interesting or essential thoughts go undocumented, allowing them to drift from memory, or exist only on social media, likely to one day evaporate. I’ve become more and more interested in the human desire to document, and it’s something I’ve always valued, so I needed to find a solution that I could entirely control and own. That solution was my Stream.

That’s exactly why I built this notes section. I could have just written short posts in the /journal section of course, but I think there is something about a human being’s fixation with categories, their intended meanings, and the unconscious weight they carry. For me, I simply couldn’t break out of the prison in my mind I’ve made for myself. I just want to open a space for myself where I can feel free.

And of course, I love this sentiment, a sentiment I have echoed a dozen times on this website:

But who cares about that? Well, I do, but you don’t. You haven’t even read this far, but it doesn’t matter because I document my life for me.

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