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beautiful cat food labels in 1975

Was pleasantly shocked to discover these beautiful contemporary-looking cat food labels designed in 1975! My feelings about social media these days are borderline antagonistic but things like the original author being on twitter to respond to it makes the prolonged stay worthwhile.

I liked the work so much I ordered the book. I hardly buy design books these days due to my rapidly dwindling interest in design itself (may be influenced by some leftover negative feelings from my previous career), but I still have a healthy appreciation of timeless work, and somewhat owning a copy of it so I can be constantly reminded that these things exist, because who knows one day books may not exist anymore.

Through the thread I also discovered an extensive Sainsbury archive – I really love archives and that there are people who still believe it is important to document. Reminds me of my own intention to use this website like a personal museum:

2 thoughts on “beautiful cat food labels in 1975”

  1. Veronique says:

    Hi Winnie:)
    Just wanted to tell you how much I love your writing. Your blog is so inspiring and it makes me want to write more myself!
    I’ve been perusing your site over the past couple of days and I just find it so relaxing…I feel so lucky to have stumbled upon it.
    Always keep writing 💗

    1. Winnie says:

      thank you for stopping by and leaving such a lovely note. 🙂 hope to read more of your writing! I think it is cool that you feel my writing is relaxing, most people would find it depressing. ;P

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