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added featured image & custom fields of notes to the RSS feed

Once in a while I’ll check the rss feed for this website just in case something is off, and I belatedly found out that the image designated as the featured image did not appear in the RSS feed by default in WordPress, so the graphic of a haiku I made didn’t show up, and the text looked like a chunk of unbroken mess because there was no context that I originally posted it on instagram where it is the norm for me to write in one unbroken paragraph.

For notes I use custom fields to show the url of the origin if I post stuff from instagram, twitter or facebook, and occasionally I pin a location which shows up as a rendered google map on the website itself. WordPress doesn’t show custom fields by default as well. Without them displaying on RSS a lot of context is missing.

Now you can see if posts originate from elsewhere, in this example “originally published on: twitter” is displayed. I think the origin of the content affects the perception of the form, so this small detail is important to me.

rendered in NetNewsWire

Pinned locations if any is rendered as plain text, because I think displaying rendered iframed maps is iffy in RSS readers.

I also use custom fields heavily for other parts of the website to display relationships between content – I guess that would be worked on another day.

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