small meaningful things

FWIW I think it is impt to create obscure stuff. 1. historically impt stuff are sometimes unpopular in their times, 2. the world is full of diverse beautiful weird nuggets but popular stuff makes one believe otherwise, 3. self-expression makes one and the world more whole

It should be a norm for people in leadership positions to be in therapy. 1. leaders have disproportionate power to impact many lives, 2. everyone has blind spots and unconscious emotions 3. even if they think they have a healthy psyche there’s always room to be a better leader.

I believe in keeping a full archive of my writing no matter how idiotic I used to sound but wow I’ve just been frowning so much while migrating them from Medium.

for me trying to be alive is some version of trying to find some joy and aliveness while somehow bearing survivor’s guilt, complicity and hypocrisy in the midst of injustice, violence and oppression that’s always ongoing in this world.

travelled to Italy for the first time

It is always difficult to accept complicity and therefore, responsibility. It is just easier to believe everything is fated, happens for a reason, etc, than to believe we can have the power to shape reality, because to wield power is to bear the unbearable weight of being.

I dunno, I think a lot about: as long as we don’t clearly understand how everything affects everything and everything is a system, we’ll never have a just and healthy society.

it’ll be much easier to understand the world if we truly understand that emotional maturity is not guaranteed with age.

photo of royal botanical gardens, melbourne, australia

a lot of beauty in life is free, and just right there. we’ll just have to be aware of it, pull up a chair, and have the courage to immerse in it instead of running back into the safety of busyness. enjoy it we should and must right now, before blue skies, fresh air and green surroundings we take so much for granted — become things we can only remember in dreams and fantasise about in books.


TIL that the first mile is the hardest mile which is funny because I always stop running after 1 mile

I guess I want to subtweet that people who wrote “how to be successful” articles doesn’t seem to have a sense of how much privilege, luck and survivorship bias they have.

I used to be that way. Dropped out of school, somehow managed to be relatively “successful” in terms of career, thought if I could do it, anyone could. It is tough, because there is a desire to give people hope, and yet there’s so much luck involved.

I believe most people fundamentally want to be loved, but they mistake obedience for love, so they spend their lives chasing after power instead.