small meaningful things

reading a book is an act of faith, that the author would make that focused time and energy worthwhile, esp in this world of distractions

journal writing requires self-honesty, which is hard. To be aware we’re capable of self-delusion for psychological safety.

I wish I can do some sentiment analysis on my journal to compare how neurotic I am now compared to say, a year ago.

Give people space to tell their stories, and they will amaze you.

They say write the books you wish to read, I say create the sites you wish exist in the world.

some days I just immerse myself in the internet. It isn’t a distraction – but an intricate web of stories waiting to be discovered.

So now I’m like, when I die, am I going to worry about people thinking that I did too much? I’ll probably be sad I didn’t do enough.

I know I’m late to this, but I just realized that music calms me.