small meaningful things

I had an amazing time in New York hanging out with people I deeply love, and recovering a little from the post-move craziness. I am not sure if I can ever step back on American soil again (sigh visa), but someone once told me life is long, and maybe I’ll live long enough to see a world united without borders.

I am sure the sadness of leaving permanently will catch up with me. However, I am not the first human being to leave a place of belonging and safety in pursuit of a different trajectory to one’s story. I will truly miss the generous, adventurous spirit of the US and her people. I am thankful for the love and privilege given to me during my short but very meaningful stay, and I will carry this memory with me for the rest of my life. True love transcends physical boundaries.

Thank you, and goodbye. I am leaving a place that has nurtured me into someone who believes I am capable of surviving without it—my external source of safety and strength.

Ultimately, I aspire to be a person who does not require external conditions to realize my existence — power is at its most powerful when it is not needed.

I think the secret to life is to be very picky about what we care about and ignore everything else.

If I wrote based on absolute metrics I would never write again. It is worth it even if it makes a connection to just one person’s mind.

journaling is one of my favorite things to do. looking at the past makes me understand the present.

apparently migraine is the ninth leading cause of disability among women. I don’t feel so bad about myself now.