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my health protocol

This is an attempt to share my current protocol – a list of things I do – for my health. It is an outcome of ongoing research and experimentation.


  • I maintain sleep hygiene by sleeping around the same time everyday: 9.30-10pm, no later than 11pm
  • I let myself wake up naturally between 4am to 6am, almost never later than 7am.
    • the timing my body wakes up depends on my diet, supplements, and also the phase of my menstrual cycle.
      • I tend to sleep shorter hours during the luteal phase. I try to compensate by eating a bit more carbs to allow myself to sleep better. Currently trying a higher protein diet to see if more protein helps with sleep.


  • low-carb diet of not more than 50g carbs a day
  • 16:8 to 20:4 intermittent fasting
  • 1.25L to 1.5L of plain water everyday
    • each glass of water contains 1/8th teaspoon of salt for electrolytes
  • food-logging into Cronometer to ensure I eat enough iron and potassium

Glucose monitoring


  • I try to run at zone 2 for 20-30 minutes at least once a week. Trying to up the frequency, but need to be careful to not induce oxidative stress. At this point in time I am running at least 3x a week.
  • Once a week I try to cycle my roadbike for only 10km. It causes shoulder pain so I am trying to see if it gets better if I ease into it.
  • On top of the above I try to walk 5000-12000 steps a day. Some days we go to the mall to get groceries, plenty of times I just walk in place while watching youtube or TV.



  • Morning on empty stomach
    • one capsule CoQ10
    • one capsule of electroytes
  • One hour post-lunch
    • one capsule of heme iron
    • one capsule of Estrosense
    • one capsule of Allithaimine – a bioavailable version of B1
    • one capsule of CuricuminUp

Depends on situation

  • one capsule of blueberry extract
  • one capsule of Ribose
  • one capsule of Women’s Health / Fibro Defense / PMS Support depending on time of the month
  • one capsule of Ginseng
  • one capsule of D3 and K2

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