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precarious health, and bringing the whole self to every encounter
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Buddhism & Zen

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  • Magnanimous Mind is like a mountain, stable and impartial. Exemplifying the ocean, it is tolerant and views everything from the broadest perspective. Having a Magnanimous Mind means being without prejudice and refusing to take sides. When carrying something that weighs an ounce, do not think of it as light, and likewise, when you have to carry fifty pounds, do not think of it as heavy. Do not get carried away by the sounds of spring, nor become heavy-hearted upon seeing the colors of fall. View the changes of the seasons as a whole, and weigh the relativeness of light and heavy from a broad perspective.

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  • Big Mind, then, is not a matter of meditating on some vast, floating, spatial dimension. Rather, it is the practice of entirely devoting your life to each and every thing that you encounter, no matter what it might be.

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