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Balancing heaven and earth
by Robert A. Johnson, Jerry M. Ruhl completed: 06 Sep 2022

One of this century’s most popular psychology scholars, Robert A.Johnson was among the first to present Carl Jung’s rich but complex theories with simple elegance and grace,opening them to an entirely new and hungry audience…Balancing Heaven and Earth reveals, for the first time, Johnson’s own fascinating and mystical life-from his near-death experience at the age of eleven to the lifelong soul journey that has informed his writing and taught him how to live a spiritual life in the endlessly challenging modern world.

biography of Jungian Analyst, Robert A. Johnson.

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I read several books by Robert A. Johnson a few years ago. Someone on reddit mentioned that he was told by Jung to give up on finding a community and focus on developing his inner world instead. He told this story in this book, so I picked it up.

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storing vs mortgaging energy
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  • She also taught me that it is important to store up energy during major life transitions. People rarely store up energy; almost everyone today has their energy mortgaged way into the future. I nurtured myself, trying not to make any major decisions and allowing my unconscious to wander wherever and however it would.

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