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Personal websites with a notes section

i.e. notes that are unedited /ideas-in-progress / short-form writing

2 thoughts on “Personal websites with a notes section”

  1. You’ve got some excellent examples of people’s websites with notes, similar to those at But it feels a bit like you’re approaching it from the perspective of deeper ideas and thoughts than one might post to Twitter or other social media. Is this your intent?

    Note to myself: It would be worthwhile looking at examples of people’s practices in this space that are more akin to note taking and idea building, perhaps in the vein of creating “digital gardens” or the use of digital social annotation tools like

    1. Winnie says:

      Hi Chris, thank you for stopping by. I collected these sites when I was planning my own notes section, and maybe I have a subconscious bias towards these type of notes. But personally I would like the idea of “notes” to be truly organic – whatever that is taking up space in our mind but maybe not formed enough to be a blog entry, so I think I would like my own notes to be all types of notes: short, long, deep, transient, lightweight, etc. I self-censor too much, but I would love to start posting more lightweight notes on my own website. I haven’t breached that internal barrier yet.

      However, I think long-form notes are fascinating, the type of content that is generated when you don’t have the artificial constraints (structure, editing, etc) of a “proper” blog post.

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