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  • book Goodreads
    A Little History of Philosophy
    by Nigel Warburton completed: 18 Nov 2012

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    My first book on philosophy: a broad, accessible introduction.

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  • book Goodreads
    The Consolations of Philosophy
    by Alain de Botton completed: 02 Jan 2014

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    Someone recommended me this over twitter and it whetted my appetite for more.

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  • video Youtube
    Western philosophy playlist
    by School of Life

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    I guess if you don't like books there're always videos.

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    How to study philosophy as an amateur
    by Existential Comics

    Below I’ve listed many of the major works of philosophy, from those that require a lot of context to understand, to those that require very little. In addition, I’ve noted how difficult the texts might be for an amateur, which other philosophers you should be familiar with beforehand, and included a brief overview. The list is, of course, very incomplete, and additional suggestions are welcome.

    A bunch of resources from the person who draws probably the most popular comic on philosophy.

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  • book Goodreads
    Tao Te Ching
    by Ursula Le Guin completed: 06 Jun 2015

    What seeks to shrink must first have grown; what seeks weakness surely was strong. What seeks its ruin must first have risen; what seeks to take has surely given.

    This contains the paradoxical and counter-intuitive nature of this world.

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