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books that informed and shaped my understanding of buddhist and zen philosophy

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Creativity—the unconscious foundations of the incubation period
by Simone M. Ritter, Ap Dijksterhuis completed: 12 Feb 2023

First, an overview of the domain of incubation and creativity is provided by reviewing and discussing studies on incubation, mind-wandering, and sleep. Second, the causes of incubation effects are discussed.

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The quantum and the lotus
by Matthieu Ricard, Trịnh Xuân Thuận completed: 28 May 2018

book cover: the quantum and the lotus

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The order of time
by Carlo Rovelli

book cover: the order of time

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The error lies in seeking to understand the world in terms of things rather than events. It lies in ignoring change. The physics and astronomy that will work, from Ptolemy to Galileo, from Newton to Schrödinger, will be mathematical descriptions of precisely how things change, not of how they are. They will be about events, not things. The shapes of atoms will be eventually understood only with solutions to Schrödinger’s equations describing how the electrons in atoms move. Events again, not things.

Source: The order of time by Carlo Rovelli | link

And a human being? Of course it’s not a thing; like the cloud above the mountain, it’s a complex process, where food, information, light, words, and so on enter and exit. . . . A knot of knots in a network of social relations, in a network of chemical processes, in a network of emotions exchanged with its own kind.

Source: The order of time by Carlo Rovelli | link

It quite simply affirms that, if we dig deep enough, there is a difference between the way we see the world and the way it really is, and the way it really is, we’ve discovered, is devoid of intrinsic existence.

Source: The quantum and the lotus by Matthieu Ricard, Trịnh Xuân Thuận | link