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This is the fourth day in a row I’m writing, ever since I decided I should just write whenever I want. I am not sure how long I can keep up with this, but as long as I feel the impulse to write, I should write. Who knows when the words will dry up?

I received a couple of emails today among other notes left on my Medium post, telling me how much it meant to them. They tell me it is like I am ghost-writing in their place. I know what they mean because I have felt the same way reading people’s stories. It is as if someone found a way to retrieve the voice you’ve thought you’ve lost and then proceeded to soothe your soul.

It is very human to seek a sense of belonging, and we find it through the stories we share. When someone shares a story we identify with, it is a very powerful realization to know that we are not alone. This is what to me, humanity is all about. Lighting up each other’s way, lending each other shoulders to cry on, smiling from the heart when we see others in joy.

It means the world to me to have that capacity to help people tell the stories they cannot tell through my own stories. I may not be doing the best job, but it is a very sincere and desired effort. Days like today remind me why I have to keep on doing this.

I wouldn’t exchange this for anything else in this world, really. To be able to bring back just a little bit of light to someone’s eyes.

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