the site & me

I left my previous life as a designer to figure out who I really want to be and how I truly want to live. I struggle with chronic ill health and my existence. The journey to understand and reconcile all of this is expressed in the form of a regularly published public journal.

Philosophy behind this site

I take the long view for this website, tend to it like a garden, and apart from being my personal learning library, it is my online therapeutic space. When I am in better health, it serves as a playground for my interactive experiments (which has been almost never since 2017).

More bits and pieces


This site is hosted on a DigitalOcean droplet, built on WordPress with the Pods plugin. It is constantly in the process of being designed and experimented with. Read more about the motivation and process. I keep a changelog of the site to have an overview of how every small incremental change makes the whole.