I am currently experimenting with my life and making what I want for a year, while contemplating my life's work.

Peek into a stream of my experiments or my consciousness. I write long-form at Medium, short-form at twitter, and once in a long while I send my darkest thoughts in a tinyletter.

experimenting on

designing a space for self-directed learners: where anybody can share and structure their learning experiences.

designing an interactive story to examine life's complex narratives

lucent.space: narrative experiments

light: contemplating the stories about mental health

connections.sg: connecting Singapore's interestingness

makersmake: Slack chat for sharing any work-in-progress.


The power of your writing: writing empowers the greater good.

The courage to be ourselves : by being who we are, we are creating a safe space for other people to be who they are.

The battles witin me: The courage to honour our creativity, the child within us, is a deliberate practice.